Equipment list reflects the current investment plan and other facilities available through the collaboration within the department. Donations for the equipments on the wish list (highlighted in purple) will be appreciated. 

Exploratory Electronic Hybrid Device Lab(EXEL)
noEquipmentsSet-up ByProjects
1Raman Spectrometer (514nm, 50mW, 1um-250um spot, areal/line mapping)InstalledGraphene analysis
21 RF/ 2 DC 4” PVD system (3 targets)InstalledGraphene process
3Laser annealing systemInstalledGraphene process
4Clean work bench (Class – 100)InstalledGraphene process
5Chemical hoodInstalledGraphene process
6Chemical spin sprayerInstalledGraphene process
7Clean boothInstalledWet cleanning process
8Plasma AsherInstalledGraphene etch
9Contact alignerInstalledDevice patterning
10Stamping equipmentAvailable in deptGraphene process
11D.I. GeneratorInstalledDevice Fabrication
12Clean room conversion for the labInstalledDevice Fabrication
13Optical microscope systemInstalledDevice Fabrication
14 E-beam evaporatorInstalledMetal contact
15Rapid thermal annealing systemInstalledThermal annealing process
16Plasma etcherAvailable in deptDevice Fabrication
17Atomic layer depositionInstalledDevice Fabrication
18Critical point dryerInstalledDevice Fabrication
19Film thickness measurementTBM, 2012Device Fabrication
20EM Shield test roomInstalledRF, Noise test
21100mm Electrical/optical prober on anti vibration tableInstalledSemiconductor device test
22Parameter analyzer (Keithley 4200) – HV InstalledSemiconductor device test
23Parameter analyzer (Keithley 4200) – LC InstalledSemiconductor device test
24Parameter analyzer (Agilent 4156C) InstalledSemiconductor device test
25Impedance analyzer (4294A) – HV InstalledSemiconductor device test
26Impedance analyzer (4294A) – LC InstalledSemiconductor device test
27Pulse generator (81110A) InstalledSemiconductor device test
28 Pulse generator (81150A)InstalledSemiconductor device test
293000mm manual probe station(-50C to 200C, Leakage 50fA, ambient control with pseudo vacuum) (MSTECH 12000C)Installed Reliability, nano device test
30Digital oscilloscope (DSO7104, 1GHz)InstalledSemiconductor device test
31Internal photo emission systemInstalledSemiconductor device test
32 Signal Analyzer (35670A)+Current amplifier (SR 350)Installed Noise test for bio sensor
33Electrometer (Keithley 6517B)InstalledInternal Photo Emission
34Nano voltmeter/Nano Ammeter (6220-2182A)InstalledGeneral electrical test
35Pico ammeter/ Voltage Source (6487)InstalledGeneral electrical test
36Dual-channel pico ammeter (2502)InstalledOptoelectronic device test
37Cryogenic tester for a packaged deviceAvailable in deptGeneral electrical test
38 300mm semi-auto probe stationInstalledReliability physics study
39Cryogenic RF probe station(2″ or above)InstalledReliability physics study
40 Vector network analyzerTBDRF Test
41 Agilent parameter analyzer(1500)Available in deptGeneral electrical test