Post CMOS hybrid device technology (2010, Fall)


This class covers basic operation principles and recent research status of advanced electronic devices for post CMOS era. The student will obtain basic knowledge on the forefront research in semiconductor material and device technology through this class.

Text book

S. Wolf, Silicon processing for VLSI era vol.II , Chapter 5, 6), Lattice Press
B. Streetman, Solid State Electronic Devices, Chapter 11, 12, Prentice Hall ,
ITRS roadmap, Emerging Research Devices
Key papers will be provided during the class
S.Wolf, Silicon processing for VLSI era III, Lattice Press for basic device physics for short channel silicon devices


Semiconductor device physics




(Fall, 2010)

1st weekIntroduction9/1
2nd weekHistory of semiconductor device: before 80`s9/6, 8
3rd weekHistory of semiconductor device: before 80`s9/13, 15
4th weekNo class: 추석/ SSDM9/20
5th weekHistory of semiconductor device: from 90`s to present9/27, 29
6th weekFuture devices10/4, 6
7th weekFuture devices10/11, 13
8th weekNo class on 18th, mid term exam on 20th10/18(No class), 20
9th weekAlternative state variables10/25, 27
10th weekNEMS-CMOS hybrid device11/1, 3
11th weekNDR-MVL11/8, 10
12th weekNeuromorphic device, No class on 15th (GIST-NAIST workshop) 11/15(No class), 19
13th weekNeuromorphic device11/22, 24
14th weekReconfigurable logic and its applications11/29, 12/1
15th weekFinal exam on 8th (IEDM)12/6, 8
16th weekTerm project presentations on 15th12/13, 15

Note & HW

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