Future Device Technology & Intellectual Property Right

(2018, Fall)


This class aims to develop a skill to write a creative and competitive patent using the general knowledge for novel device and materials covered in the class. Final project can be linked to the actual filing of a real patent from students.

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(Fall, 2018)

1stIntroduction, team project assignment
2ndHistory of semiconductor device
3rdCurrent semiconductor device research
4thCarbon based device and material technology
5thFerroelectric device and material technology
6thSpin device and material technology
7thDevice and materials for artificial intelligence
8thIndividual project presentation
9thPatent search and writing practice
10thInvention using novel material and device
11thCase study for start-ups using novel material and device
12thPatent writing using a case study
13thTeam project presentation and discussion
14thTeam project presentation and discussion
15thFinal presentation and review by patent expert
16thFinal patent writing and course evaluation


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