Device physics for nanoscale solid state devices (2011, Spring)


This class will review the basic device physics and cover advanced device physics of nanoscale solid state devices. This course is a prerequisite course for the Advanced Electrical Characterization Methods for nano scale devices.

Develop basic/advanced physical concepts for the submicron device operations.
Understand scopes and limits of device physics
Review state of art integration technologies
Prepare students for electrical characterization lab course

Text book

Y. Taur, T.H.Ning, “Fundamentals of Modern VLSI devices”, 2nd ed.,


M. Shur, Physics of Semiconductor devices,
B. Streetman, Solid State Electronic Devices, Chapter 11, 12, Prentice Hall


Semiconductor physics (undergraduate level) : preferred, but not mandatory




(Spring, 2011)

1st weekIntroduction 별첨 참조Note13/3
2nd weekHistory of semiconductorNote2HW13/8, 3/10, 3/15
3rd weekBasic Device physics—pn junction (Taur, Ch.2)Note33/17
4th weekBasic Device physics—pn junction (Taur, Ch.2)HW23/22, 3/25
5th weekBasic Device physics—contact (Taur, Ch.2),
Exam 1 (3/31, in class)
Note43/29, 3/31
6th weekMOSFET devices (Taur, Ch.3)Note5HW34/5, 4/7
7th weekMOSFET devices (Taur, Ch.3)HW44/12, 4/14
8th weekCMOS device design (Taur, Ch.4)Note64/19, 4/21
9th weekMid term exam4/26 (No class), 4/28
10th weekCMOS performance factors (Taur, Ch.5)Note7HW55/3, 5/5
11th weekSOI device (Taur, Ch.10)
Short channel MOSFET-Strain Engineering
Note8HW65/10, 5/12
12th weekExam 2Note95/17, 5/19
13th weekIntegration of short channel devices,
Photonic Devices (Shur, Ch.5)
Note10HW75/24, 5/26
14th weekPhysics of carbon electronicsNote116/7, 6/9
15th weekFinal exam6/14, 6/16
16th weekNo class6/21


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