Advanced electrical characterization methods for nano scale devices (2017, Fall)


This class covers advanced electrical characterization methods for electronic devices so that the student can utilize these methods in their research with good knowledge on the validity and limit of each method. 30% of class work will be allocated to the actual device measurement analysis.

Text book

a. Semiconductor material and device characterization, 3rd edition, D.K.Schroder, IEEE Press, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006


a. CMOS circuit design, layout and simulation, R.J. Baker, IEEE Press, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005
b. Electrical and thermal characterization of MESF





(Fall, 2017)

2ndBasics of electronics (R, L, C)
3rdBasisc of Electronics (grounding)
4thImpendence analyzer – capacitor characterization
5thParameter analyzer – IV characterization (Id-Vd, Id-Vd)
6thAdvanced transistor analysis (GIDL, DIBL etc) (Lab)
7thInterface characterization
8thMidterm exam
9thInterface characterization (Lab)
10thInterface characterization
11thReliability physics (Charge trapping – BTI, HCE)
12thReliability physics (TDDB, TZDB)
13thCharacterization of SOI devices (pulse IV, Self Heating)
14thTerm project presentations I
15thTerm project presentations II
16thFinal exam


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